School Staff & Contact List

Jennie Cumbane
Eighth Grade Teacher

I was born in California, lived in Idaho, and then moved to the Flathead Valley.  I feel blessed to live in Montana every time I see the mountains and explore our beautiful valley.  

I grew up in a large family of two brothers and three sisters.  I am married to Daniel Cumbane (prounounced Koom-bonnie), a wonderful man I met while serving in the Peace Corps in Mozambique.  We had our sweet baby Grace on November 6, 2017 and are enjoying every minute we have with her.  We also have "furbabies":  a big orange cat named Morris and a fluffy white and black dog named Millie.

I went to school from elementary through high school at the Kalispell public schools.  After graduating from Flathead High School, I studied for a year at FVCC.  Next, I left my beloved Kalispell to move to Northwest College (now University) in Kirkland, Washington where I received my English degree.  After serving two years in the Peace Corps, I went to school at FVCC through the University of Great Falls program to get my teaching certificate in Secondary English Education.  After student teaching at Cayuse Prairie in 2007 and getting hired shortly after, I went back to school again (through the University of Great Falls) to get my teaching certificate in Elementary Education.

My love for traveling to foreign countries is something I discovered after life-changing visits to the Dominican Republic where a college friend was serving in the Peace Corps.  After graduating from college, I applied for and joined the Peace Corps in 2003.  I was sent to Mozambique (a country in eastern Africa--across from the island of Madagascar).  While there, I taught English as a Foreign Language to 9th and 10th graders at an accountancy school.

It is a special privilege to teach, especially at Cayuse Prairie School. The students, staff, and community make my job rewarding! I am delighted to have the opportunity to start my thirteenth year of teaching (2 years in Mozambique and 11 years at Cayuse) by continuing to work with my fabulous 7th and 8th grade students in the areas of English Language Arts, Montana History, Literature, Life Skills, and Art/Drama! (Information updated 1/18/18)

Please feel free to call (ext. 228) or email ( if you have any questions!