School Staff & Contact List

Joel Ahles
Health Enhancement

I am excited to be the Health Enhancement Teacher at Cayuse Prairie! I have worked in education for five years, spending the last two years teaching Health Enhancement.  I find that I share a passion of teaching, mentoring, and marveling at the growth of students with many teachers at Cayuse Prairie.  

I was born in the amazing village of Fargo, ND, and moved to the valley with my family to ultimately attend Flathead High School.  After attending Concordia College in Moorhead, MN, I found myself attracted to the endless recreation opportunities in the Flathead Valley.  I met my wife, Rebecca, while working at a boarding school in Kalispell, and enjoy mountain biking, skiing, basketball tournaments, aquatic activities, and long walks in the sunset with her.  We have a kid on the way due in September.  

My top five hobbies are: 5. Playing sports 4. Peak bagging 3. Skiing 2. Mountain biking 1. Making music.  I have 3 siblings, and talk to my parents regularly.  

I believe that PE in school is instrumental in challenging, entertaining, and developing healthy and engaged members of society.  I like the way PE can address the cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains of learning.  Every student can enjoy physical activity and experience success in their own way, and I aim to find ways to help students connect with different activities that promote wellness.