Student Handbook

Dear Parents and Students,
We are requesting that all parents/guardians sign the following forms and return them to the School District #10’s main office. The forms state that you have access to the online student handbook via or received a copy of the Parent/Student Handbook, were informed about FERPA (see page 2) in regards to emails and directory information, and the school compact. It is the responsibility of parents and students to read the handbook.

In particular, we would like parents to note that in addition to regular information on school programs and procedure, the handbook includes specified information about the following:
  1. Athletic Policy (p. 10, 18 & 19)
  2. Information concerning drug and alcohol counseling and rehabilitation or re-entry programs that are available to students. (p. 17)
  3. Standards of student conduct that prohibit the unlawful possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs, tobacco, or alcohol by students on the school grounds or as any part of school activities. (p.17) COMPLIANCE WITH THE STANDARDS OF CONDUCT IS MANDATORY!!
  4. Disciplinary sanctions regarding violation of Standards of Conduct for unlawful possession, use or distribution of illicit drugs, tobacco, or alcohol. (p. 12-18).
  5. Tardies (p. 9)
  6. Information concerning water quality and asbestos or radon in the school. (p. 32)
  7. Disciplinary sanctions regarding violation of federal firearms control laws for schools and violation of the weapon free school policy (p. 33)
  8. Safety procedures which include visitor & parent office sign-ins, background checks for new employees and volunteers, drills for lock-downs, fire, bus, and earthquake. (p 19--21 & 31-33)
  9. Directory Information concerning my student. (p.6)
  10. Teacher/Staff qualification questions. (p. 29)
The Cayuse Prairie Board of Trustees regularly reviews School Board Policy; therefore, some of the policies listed in this handbook may be revised during the school year.

View a copy of the full Cayuse Prairie Student Handbook.